6 January 2010

Goals for 2010

So it's a fine new year. I have set myself some ambitious challenges for 2010. Let's compare notes and help each other out...

So here are my work-related goals:

  1. Build an offline web app purely in HTML5 that is mobile ready
  2. Build a native iPhone app
  3. Get reactor launched
  4. Meet more web developers
  5. Grow my blog readership
And here are some personal goals:
  1. Run the Bristol half-marathon
  2. Try to lose some of the belly
  3. Spend more time with Rach
Of course these last 3 are ever so much more important than the first 5. In fact the order that they're listed in is definitely no order of preference or priority!

I am quite excited by the prospect of this year. I'm looking forward to it. Now I just need to get over this cold...

What are your goals for 2010? How do you think we can help each other achieve them? Share your thoughts in the comments


Unknown said...

Hey, great to see others like me, setting goals....achievable or not!

Like the idea of offline web-app dev .......will html5 followers support it this year? any particular web-app field in mind?

Can't disagree with the 'lose the belly' desire...me too!

Yes, 2010 looks like being an interesting year! keep on blogging

Sie said...

Thanks Martin!

I'm hoping the offline web app will be for a client. They do property inventories and need a mobile solution. Fortunately they all use iPhones :)

I intend to blog even more this year too, so keep following!