24 November 2009

I Learned Something Yesterday

I met three ace guys yesterday: Sean Leigh, Jeremy Harding and Alan Mann. They are all techy/web entrepreneurs and are making big bucks out of big ideas. They know some crazy people in the domaining field.

It turns out that there a lot of wealthy people doing domaining. I found out yesterday that there are some people out there that own thousands of domains with no websites attached to them! Craziness! They obviously have a lot of money.

The reason I met these great guys though is because they found me and this brings me to a little tip: Get your name out there!

It turns out they found me through a service I signed up for and hardly use, Elance. The data from Elance was probably shared on a network of other services, which they stumbled across. My profile on this service is sketchy at best. But it was enough of a lead for them to do more digging.

Because I'm an active participant on a number of blogs, forums, Twitter etc. they managed to fill in the gaps pretty quick.

So if you want to be found, get active in your community! A word of warning though: Be prepared for a grilling (i.e. bring something amazing along).

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