2 November 2009

I Hate Google Ads

I officially hate Google Ads. Like me, you probably ignore them so easily. They're the bane of a web designer's life... and don't even start talking about the UX!

The simple fact is they're hated all round. But quite clearly they work otherwise Google wouldn't be stinking rich (enough to offer a free GPS satellite navigation product). So who the heck is clicking on these stupid ads?

Well, I don't care to be honest, because it's getting to the point where I could do with a bit of the money that Google get. So unfortunately I'm bringing ads back to this blog :( I know, it's a sad day. Rather than asking for donations (I'm certainly not doing anything worthy of donations), if you feel the urge to click on an ad, don't quash it with your educated supremism – support a poor blogger and give in to the click. Thanks :)

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