2 October 2009

Going Green Is Hard Work

Now I know you disagree... all you have to do is become exposed to gamma radiation and get real angry, right? Wrong. You are not Bruce Banner, and you'll never turn into the Incredible Hulk. Plus you don't play with gamma radiation do you? Be honest now...

That's not the kind of green I'm talking about. It seems for the past couple of years a lot of people have gone crazy about being eco-friendly, saving the planet, greenhouse gases and whatnot.

Here in the UK, the government has set up and continues to fund the Carbon Trust and various green initiatives (which we should have been doing years ago). For most consumers this means changing lightbulbs from incandescent to fluorescent, with obvious benefits all round.

But there's an even better solution to CFLs: LEDs. That's right, those little plastic light bulbs you messed about with at school! A lot of research and development has been put into manufacturing LED lamps that match the usefulness of fluorescent bulbs.

There are some amazing benefits:

  1. They last even longer than fluorescent bulbs (much longer than the old incandescent ones)
  2. They give off a better quality of light, brighter and whiter
  3. They come on immediately
  4. They give off very little heat
  5. They consume a quarter of the power of fluorescent bulbs
  6. They don't buzz
  7. They don't contain any mercury
  8. They are 100% recyclable
Now I don't care who you are, that's amazing! These are the ideal. So what's the catch? Well at the moment they're ever so slightly more expensive... but once you've got them, you're saving money!

For commercial environments (particular suspended ceiling office spaces) this is a big winner. Couple these babies with some intelligent lighting systems and you might never have to change your bulbs!

Saving money + planet = the thrifty super hero... still not quite the Incredible Hulk though!

This is all from research that I'm doing for a new client. They're into supplying, fitting and testing these bad boys. More details coming soon!

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