28 January 2009

Free Web Site Advice

The web developer and design community is growing super large and because of that it has been an endless source of advice and inspiration to me. As a large thank you gesture I want to offer my professional advice and support in any areas I can.

It may not be worth much in some cases (hence why it's going to be free), but hopefully it will help. I also want to use it to challenge myself with some new stuff that I'm just not doing enough of!

All designers and developers face challenges. I have faced plenty. I haven't blogged about all of them yet (nor do I intend to!), but some of the things I've accomplished and overcome may be useful to others. I think that sharing that information is a must to the continuing evolution of software development. I also believe that it should be a free service.

So please feel free to leave comments or send me messages somehow (Twitter, email etc.)  asking about anything you would like help with. I will take on almost any challenge related to software - particularly focussed on PHP, Flex, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AIR, RIAs and related topics, but don't feel tied down to just these ones. Ask away!

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