12 November 2008

Whine, whine, whine... That's all you do!

We (and by we I mean the company I work for) launched one of the most interesting web sites we've produced to date.

ComplaintCommunity™ is a brilliant brain-child of Neil Gleeson (our client), that has finally been realised by the support of a very talented developer, Ben Gilkes, along with a smart design by Elaine Haywood - our superb in-house designer.

ComplaintCommunity is set to turn social networking back into community spirit and ultimately consumer power. Neil is an expert on these things and has given so much thought into the project; he knew what he wanted to get, and Ben knew how to deliver. A superb client - plus he always brought us blueberry AND chocolate muffins!

This brings to mind Paul Boag's recent post about client relationships. I can't say that any relationship is perfect, but it looks like this was a fairly good example. Evidence of this is how much behind-the-project Neil is and how excited our team is to hear about its growth.

Check out ComplaintCommunity.com, it is still developing so as it grows expect improvements and developments. Also, check out where I work: we made ComplaintCommunity.com.

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