11 November 2008

Mac OS X and NDAS

I am loving my Mac. I'm no fanboy, mind. I appreciate the simplicity and extra thought that make up its better parts. There are still some things I may find to do in Windows. I will be installing Windows as a matter of cause (and no doubt it will run blindingly fast!)

However, the Mac environment has quickly become my preferred one. Its uncomplicated integration and neat up-sleeve tricks make it fun to use as well as functional.

Over the past two weeks though I have had one stumbling block: Ximeta, Inc's NDAS software. I own a Freecom MediaPlayer 350WLAN HDD enclosure. Freecom have always supported the Mac platform, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work.

My initial findings suggested it was probably because I was trying to connect to an NTFS formatted drive. That was easily remedied by a couple of packages that were freely available: MacFUSE and NTFS-3g. These two enable full read-write access to any drive that is formatted using Microsoft's NTFS.

The problem remained. So I tried using the latest version from Ximeta. This had no effect. So I tried uninstalling my current version and reinstalling the newest version. Bingo!

Now I don't have to worry about reformatting my drive! That's saved me another 2 days worth of copying, burning, copying... Thank you Mac community!

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