9 September 2008

New iPods and SVG in Chrome

I know it's a mixed post. I don't mean for these - two very separate subjects - to be confused and even connected, except by one fact: that I don't want to write two individual posts.

I have just discovered that my 6-month-old iPod Touch is now outdated my an ever-so-slightly better model. As far as I can tell, all that the new iPod touch's sport is a built-in speaker ("for casual listening") and volume buttons on the side, as well as a slight curvature of the spine. So I'm not really that bothered. Still it's a shame that mine is now practically redundant...

On an even sadder note I find that Google Chrome doesn't yet have even basic support for Scalable Vector Graphics. I find this a shame and certainly a downer on Google's claim that they wanted wanted to build a modern browser for today's Internet. I know SVG isn't quite in the public domain yet, but I feel that's mainly because of lack of support from the major browsers (yeah... Micro-soft!).

If anyone from Google reads this, please think about SVG support in Chrome, please. And also, can somebody escalate my ticket for the AJAX APIs in Google Code as that would be a real bonus to some projects I'm working on. Thanks.

G'night all.

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