2 September 2008

Google Chrome Is Almost My Default Web Browser Already!

I'm using Chrome to post right now, a little over 15 minutes since I downloaded it.

Some would slay it for its apparent lack of features. Some would argue that it's all a big power play by the big G. Still others would say that it does nothing the way we're used to (screw the fact that it might just be a better way... genius). These people sound like the same bunch who don't use GMail out of "principal"... I'm not sure what principal, but they'll stick to it as blindly as some people hate Microsoft.

After 10 minutes with Chrome I almost made it my new default browser. The only reason I hold back is because of one bug. My scrolly wheel doesn't scroll upwards.

I know that sounds sad, but it bothers me ok...

Actually it won't be my default for a while yet. Not just because of that though. I use Firefox as a designer/developer. Because of its vast array of plugins and tools especially for web developers it's a no-brainer. Until Chrome can offer that sort of a platform it will only ever be the default on my home computer that gets used by all and sundry.

Apparently though, it will soon offer plugins and I have no doubt that these will be easily ported from Firefox. So I foresee that it will soon become my default browser everywhere. And why not when it works so fast and has so much thought gone in to protecting me but also making my life simpler!

Brilliant work Google. Keep it up.

You can download Chrome now; just head to Google

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scrumpy-jack said...

as I now have a Mac I'm a little frustrated that Chrome hasn't made it this far yet. a little disappointed in Google