21 August 2008

I Should Be In Bed... Not Coding!

But I'm desperately working away...

While at it though I just wanted to mention that I am now immortalised in boagworld.com fame. Check out Podcast 131 and their feature article on Version Control, all of which was sparked off by little me.

I feel somewhat vindicated by Ryan and Paul (Stanton). My real question was for the professional opinion. It appears that there are quite a few pros that have yet to implement version control. But is it really worth it?

On our team we very rarely cross projects. We backup regularly. As long as we maintain the rules of version management we're fine aren't we?

I guess the main issue is with the degree of versioning. At present our versioning "system" relies upon new job requests. All of the code from the previous job is copied into a new job folder and worked on as the next iteration. The previous job folder is archived.

There's no real problem with this except that there's no record of what changes have taken place. To find this out you'd have to dig up the archived version and do a full file compare against the new version. Tools such as WinMerge make this fairly straightforward.

I can foresee situations that will make us wish we had "proper" version control in place, but at the same time I can see how the existing model works. It's a toss up!

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