1 August 2008

Anyone Uses Google Hosted JS Frameworks?

I've just started using the google.load() service to fetch my favourite javascript frameworks and was wondering if anyone else is doing this?

According to all the hype from a couple of months back, end users should start to see an increase in surfing speed because of centralisation of these frameworks. Of course that depends on one thing: uptake.

It's no good when some of the more common apps use Microsoft's AJAX framework (eBay) and others write their own frameworks.

The other problem is that Google won't necessarily host the version we want. If you want to use betas, forget it! Even the latest stable versions won't be available straight away.

I guess it's a trade-off. For all the sites out there that want MooTools or script.aculo.us, aren't bothered about running the latest version and want the possible benefit of a fractional decrease in load... this is a great way to go.

If you can minify and host these packages yourself though, it's probably safer!

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