7 June 2008

WWDC and the Air-Thickening Anticipation

Dear Sharon,

It is the last 48 hours before WWDC and it seems as if the tech world is afire with speculation and anticipation over exactly what Steve and Co will be revealing to Mac lovers near and far.

I wish I could attend this conference. Being just a young developer, such a show would provide a great experience. I would be "at home" to some extent... I would sigh with glee as I chortle at the techie jokes, which would bring a certain sense of satisfaction.

I'm not a reporter-type and I wouldn't be looking to glam up the overemphasised product releases and developments. Not being a big Mac user (at the moment!) I'm perhaps not as enthusiastic. Which brings me back to why this woulld be a good experience.

Having none-to-little knowledge of Macs as a development platform I'm eager to breach into something new and it seems as if I've picked the time for it. Rumours are flying that, as Apple is starting to consolidate it's products into a unitary platform, a complete development stack for its products may be on the cards.

This would allow developers like me to write applications that are accessible and transferable between the entire range of the consumer-hardware giant's offerings.

Further excitement is also fueled by the onslaught of tech hopefuls whose presumptuousness and lasciviousness demand that there be some sort of hardware release.

In fact it is almost certain that there will be some annnouncement (not necessarily a release) of an iPhone 2. This will probably coincide with the release of a new firmware for existing iPhone and iPod Touch users adding a whole host of functionality and applications, thus adding essential value to the enterprise market.

It would surprise me greatly to see a release of any other hardware - whether that be an update to an existing product (such as a much hoped-for MacBook Pro update) or an entirely new and as-yet-unseen offering.

Only time will tell. When it all kicks off tomorrow afternoon (here in the UK) I will probably try to catch a few updates now and then around lunchtime. Yes, I'm excited, but I'd be more excited if I was there in person.

Now there's an idea for a seasonal gift! // HINT HINT!

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