19 May 2008

Facebook bashed by bandwagon-jumping Beeb

Dear Abigail,

If you haven't watched the video yet, click the title.

It strikes me that any media body wanting attention merely has to mention 'Facebook' and perhaps another buzz phrase like 'security flaw' or 'identity risk' or perhaps just 'big mac'...

In a feckless attempt at fear-mongering, the BBC are actually making the lives of developers all the more complicated. We now have to rely on the punters to actually be able to engage their brains and work out for themselves that there actually is no risk.

However, this leads us into another allegory of farm animals that are wonderfully trained to obey orders...

So to save myself from stepping too far over that particular hedgerow I will stop here and just say that developers should not allow this so-called "investigative report" to curb their enthusiasm for Facebook application development.

Perhaps you're a user worried about identity theft? As a Facebook application developer (and not an investigative reporter) I can safely say that your identity is quite safe.

The only way that the social networking phenomenon will ever effect an increase in identity fraud is if we all start posting our credit card details and PIN numbers online (as these are the only bits of information not already in the public domain).

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