10 April 2008

Internet Explorer 8 BETA (8.0.6001.17184)

Dear Joan,

I know IE8 came out a few weeks ago as a public developer preview - and yes I've been "testing" it out - but I'm finding it hard to justify the shift!

I think the IE8 Dev team are suffering from the "Microsoft approach". Yes it's still only beta software, but even the stuff that used to work (and work within acceptable limits) doesn't anymore.

For instance: there is an "Emulate IE7" option available to allow those of us who are too frustrated with IE8's rendering issues to switch back to the browser we've slowly but surely been persuaded to adopt... but even this doesn't work like IE7!

How do you build on top of something that you know works and still manage to break it? How hard can it be? Does the IE Dev team redevelop from scratch every time?

Regardless of the teething problems though, all looks set to make IE8 the best version ever, with more focus on making the job of developers (like me) that much easier. Standards compliance is the way forward!

To catch up on the key features of IE8 have a read

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